Tuesdays // 8pm EST
  • Grab a beer. Order ahead from our online store and pick up outside the Aeronaut taproom, available every day 2pm-8pm. If you can’t swing by, you can still support Aeronaut by buying a small e-Gift Card, redeemable now or when the taproom opens back up. Or grab whatever's in your fridge, no purchase required! Just be sure to check your own ID and ensure you are 21+ before consuming alcohol.
  • Form and register a team. Contact your friends and form a virtual team (up to 6 players per team). Nominate a team captain, and for newly formed teams, have captains complete the NEW TEAM FORM linked above, only ONCE per team. If you are playing with the same team previously registered, do not submit a new registration! Team names from previous weeks will persist, except if you played during our 3/24 trial run you will need to register your team as new. Just make sure to have a clever team name picked out.
  • Stay in touch with your team with your own plans for a team call, group text, tin can telephone network, or any other way to confer with your team during trivia. You'll need to have a Zoom webinar open as well, so keep that in mind. Or play by yourself!
  • Join trivia on Zoom. Click the zoom webinar link above! Trivia starts at our usual time of 8pm EST on Tuesdays. The Zoom app is available on almost all device shapes, sizes and flavors.
  • Fill out your team’s trivia answer sheet. Team captains should gather your team’s input and decide on your final answers. Use our fancy virtual trivia sheets, also linked above, to submit answers—just like in the taproom, please submit one answer sheet per team at the end of each trivia round. Always double check your team name and round number. Answer sheets may be submitted using any desktop or mobile web browser.
  • Questions during trivia? Need clarification on a trivia question? Technical difficulties? Please use the Zoom Q&A feature to ask questions of the host. We will respond and make answers public as appropriate. Following trivia, please direct any & all complaints, praise, solicitations to triviahost@aeronaut.net
  • Have fun!