Aeronaut Brewing was built on a love of experimentation and adventure. While living together in Somerville, MA, during our time in grad school, we developed a shared passion for experimental brewing and fermentation projects, which quickly outgrew our living room. We yearned to share our love of brewing with the world, so in 2014 we decided to repurpose our MIT and Cornell educations toward starting up our own brewery! 

As Somerville residents and enthusiasts, we knew that we wanted to build our business here. Our aim was to start not just a brewery, but a place for people to gather, connect and share.

The creativity and diversity that permeates Somerville is palpable and we always wanted Aeronaut to serve as an amplifier for the voices of our community. Since our inception, we’ve featured numerous local artists on our beer labels, welcomed neighborhood musicians into our taprooms, and worked with so many incredible entrepreneurs and organizations. 

Science and engineering has also remained part of our DNA through Aeronaut Labs – the research and quality arm of Aeronaut. Building a lab focused on fermentation research and quality assurance has allowed us to convert our technical backgrounds into great beer. From growing our own proprietary yeast strains to test-brewing crazy new recipes on our pilot systems, we continue our voyage, knowing that the possibilities are endless and that the journey itself is our source of joy. 


Dan & Ronn

Aeronaut Co-founders