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Q:Where are you located?
A:Our brewery & taproom is located at 14 Tyler Street, Somerville MA 02143, about 1/2 mi. from Union Sq. and 1 mi. from both Porter Sq. & Harvard Sq. From the corner of Tyler St. & Properzi Way, walk to the end of the short pedestrian alleyway until you reach the glass door at our front entrance.
Q:What are your hours?
A:Our taproom is normally open to visitors during the following hours:

Mon: 6pm-11pm
Tue - Thu: 5pm-midnight
Fri: 5pm-12:30am
Sat: noon-12:30am
Sun: noon-9:30pm
Check our events calendar for any additions or modifications to our normal schedule!

Q:Is the brewery handicapped-accessible?
A:Yes! Our entrance and restrooms are fully ADA-compliant.


Q:Do you serve food?
A:We don't regularly serve food here, but you're welcome to bring in your own or arrange to have food delivered here. We even have an entire day (Sundays) dedicated to our guests popup picnics—we call it BYO Picnic, which also features a wide variety of community programming every week. Check it out at You can also check out our events calendar for any special food events.
Q:What is Late Nite Wine bar @Tasting Counter?
A:Late nights (10:30PM Wed, Thu, Fri & Sat) and early on Tuesdays, Tasting Counter opens to the public without reservations! Check out this hidden gem, a tenant of our AERONAUT Foods Hub!
Q:Can I serve food to the public at my event?
A:No, unfortunately we cannot accommodate this. AERONAUT does not have a permit for food service and the Somerville Health Department has restricted the number of food licenses that we may apply for.


Q:I left my credit card / ID / personal item in the taproom
A:Email us at, we'll try and locate it and hold it for you to pick up. Alternatively, you can visit us during open taproom hours and a staff member should be able to assist you.


Q:I want to book a private event in the Aeronaut taproom (personal or corporate)
A:We are happy to accomodate private events of all sizes, please email and we'll set something up.
Q:Do you host live music?
A:Yes! We host live music on average two or three nights per week. See our events calendar for details.
Q:I have an idea for a public event or a fundraiser!
A:Excellent—please contact and we'll see what we can do for you!
Q:My band would like to play at Aeronaut. How do I get booked?
A:Email us at and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.


Q:Do you allow pets in the taproom?
A:We'd love to, but unfortunately our lease and local health authorities disallow animals from the building, with exceptions only for service animals as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Please see Massachusetts Office on Disability's "About service and assistance animals" for details on ADA service animals.


Q:Do you serve anything besides beer?
A:Our federal and state licenses only allow us to brew and serve beer at this time—sorry!
Q:Can I bring my own alcohol to a private event?
A:Unfortunately not. Our licensing precludes all other forms of alcohol being served or consumed anywhere in the brewery.
Q:Do you make a gluten-free beer?
A:Not yet, sorry! AERONAUT is actively prototyping gluten-free and gluten-reduced beer recipes, although we haven't settled on a final releasable beer that we're happy with yet. If you're curious, gluten-reduced beers have had enough gluten removed to meet the FDAs numerical criterion for being gluten free (less than 20PPM gluten proteins) but are still made from gluten-containing ingredients. For folks with mild sensitivities to gluten, these gluten reduced beers may be a good replacement, but for folks worried about a serious allergic reaction, we would recommend steering clear.


Q:Will you sponsor my organization or event?
A:Maybe! Please submit a request to