How Aeronaut uses molecular epidemiological tools to prevent bad beer

Ales and Lagers Love

By: Steve Reilly Now that every news article includes the words ‘testing’ and ‘infections’, we’re all looking for distraction from this health crisis. Over here at Aeronaut, we thought we’d explain how we use similar science to check on the health of all our yeast. If you can’t escape stories about nasty microbes, why not […]

Building Aeronaut: Cold box-mounted draft lines

  To serve our beer in its freshest state, we decided to put our draft lines right into the side of our cold storage box. It ended up being a fun project for us, which we’ve now done twice–one for each set of draft lines. Here are some photos of the process.

Building Aeronaut: Our mobile beer dispenser

As many new breweries are wont to do, we at Aeronaut have taken a page from the homebrewing world and incorporated it into our brewery. I’m talking about a movable draft fridge that had its beginnings as a sort of kegerator (or ‘keezer’ as they are sometimes called). Back when we were prototyping around 12 recipes […]

Make your own beer line cleaner!

As a brewery with a taproom, we have lots of draft lines and they need to stay clean for the beer to taste right. We have spent some time putting together a simple line cleaning system and we figured we’d share our efforts for the homebrewers among you who are wishing to maintain a similar […]

Building Aeronaut: Our Brewhouse (pt. 2)

(continued from our previous post) The Aeronaut brewhouse would lie in wait for several months before we’d find its new home. We finally found our location at Tyler Street, complete with a real loading dock. All we had to do was get the brewhouse to the door and bring it in. At that point, it […]

Building Aeronaut: Our brewhouse (pt. 1)

We’ve been through some interesting adventures to get Aeronaut off the ground. Our mission to gather up all the equipment for the brewery brought us to some interesting places and introduced us to even more interesting people. The kettles, fermenters and large pieces of equipment here each have a story to tell. Our brewhouse (the […]