Aeronaut Cannery is launched!

By Ronn Friedlander On Monday, the sweet smell of malt wafted through the air at 199 Ashland St. Even though I get to smell beer being brewed anytime I walk into our Somerville brewery, this time, this day, the scent brought back a rush of memories. I immediately was transported to our first days brewing […]

The New (Safety) Standard

The New Safety Standard

By: Julia Piper The line of customers stretches all the way to the entrance of the store, each pushing a cart piled high with pantry staples ranging from pasta to toilet paper, and eager to check out as quickly as possible. At the register, a young woman carefully wipes down the conveyor belt before beginning […]


I know, I know, we all want beer. It’s almost time! Rest assured, we are working our asses off to get ready for a Spring opening. If you’ve been to Aeronaut for one of our open houses, you’ve probably noticed a lot of equipment and maybe some freshly cut holes in the ceiling. Or perhaps […]

Happy brew year!

Get excited, readers, because as of Dec. 31, 2013, we are a federally permitted brewery! That’s right: on the eve of 2014, we received word from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) that we are approved for brewing. Needless to say, we are all very excited at what 2014 will have in store […]

Construction Open House of AERONAUT Brewing Company

Greetings  — As many will have noticed, TBD has been renamed AERONAUT Brewing Company and we’re pleased to invite you all to our open hours to get a sneak peak at brewery construction. Construction open houses will repeat from 3PM-6PM on the first and third fridays of every month starting this Friday. WHAT: Open house […]