Hard Times Call for Hard Seltzers: The History of Seltzer

By Mark Bowers Hard seltzers have been the next new thing for several years now in the world of alcoholic drinks. Hard seltzers from macro brands White Claw, Truly, Bud Light Seltzer, Bon & Viv, Diageo and Corona Seltzer have become near ubiquitous; the growth in sales of these popular beverages has gone from near […]

Butternut miss this one!

Gather close, dear reader, and let me tell you a tale of our latest saga: the makings of our first ever production batch of Lagerfeuer, a smoked butternut squash rauchbier. Though we brewed this beer in September of this year, the story really starts back in September 2013. Construction hadn’t even begun on Aeronaut Brewing Co., […]

Sumac Attack

O brave new world that has such berries in it! Our beer experimentation has taken us to strange new places. This weekend, we are introducing our sumac beer, which we’ve named “Field Day” for reasons that should become apparent. The concept for sumac beer came about around a year ago, back when we were still prototyping beers […]


Making a fresh-hopped beer is in many ways like performing an organ transplant (except lower stakes). It’s all about timing and coordination. The whole object is to get the hops harvested and into a beer in as short a time as possible, while handling them ever so gently. We decided to make an IPA featuring […]

Building Aeronaut: Our mobile beer dispenser

As many new breweries are wont to do, we at Aeronaut have taken a page from the homebrewing world and incorporated it into our brewery. I’m talking about a movable draft fridge that had its beginnings as a sort of kegerator (or ‘keezer’ as they are sometimes called). Back when we were prototyping around 12 recipes […]

Make your own beer line cleaner!

As a brewery with a taproom, we have lots of draft lines and they need to stay clean for the beer to taste right. We have spent some time putting together a simple line cleaning system and we figured we’d share our efforts for the homebrewers among you who are wishing to maintain a similar […]

A collaborative Somerville maple beer

As maple season draws to a close, Aeronaut has teamed up with Groundwork Somerville to make a hyper-local beer using maple sap! We have been tapping trees for a few years now, and are very excited to have a beer to share with our community. A few years ago, we started tapping trees in our […]

They grow up so fast

A couple posts ago, we shared some up-close and personal images of yeast cells that we’d been culturing. We’re happy to say that the whole culturing process has been continuing in earnest since then and we are now experimenting with some cool new homebrews with those very strains! Those hardcore homebrewers amongst you will probably […]

Wild fermentations

When you are working with interesting hand-gathered ingredients, you might get some ride-alongs. At least that’s what happened in a secondary fermentation involving some wild local fruits that we gathered. We ended up with a really nice, if unwelcome, pellicle on this homebrew prototype recipe. This sucker was so eager to get into the beer, […]