Beers in the Stars

By Maggie Mullard and Nina Garcia

Ever wonder what the stars say about which Aeronaut beer is your kindred brew? Wonder no longer, friends! This in depth Hop-oscope will introduce you to your innermost beer personality. Make sure to check out your compatibility with other styles as well! We here at Aeronaut know as well as anyone how different human beings are, which is why we do our best to produce a large variety of beer styles to please even the pickiest patrons and inspire ale adventures in those looking to branch out. This list began a few months ago at the bar, when several guests in a row asked me to choose a beer for them. To help me choose, I started assigning beers to the zodiac and asking these indecisive patrons for their signs. Reach for the stars, folks! 

Did I say stars? I meant the nearest can of Aeronaut brew, of course!

——- ARIES (MARCH 21-APRIL 19) ——-

Beer Pairing: First Steps on a Sour Planet, Berliner Weisse – champagne of the North… tart & fantastically light

First Steps on a Sour Planet is as dramatic and adventurous as their name implies. Definitely a free spirit, First Steps is curious and brave, though they can be a bit high-strung. They have a sarcastic sense of humor and love being the leader of the pack and the center of attention. An extremely fun and dedicated friend to have on your side, First Steps on a Sour Planet will go to any lengths to protect their pack. Despite their flair for the dramatic, First Steps doesn’t mind being wrong as they like learning new facts even more than they like being right. 

Top Compatibility: Piña Colada IPA and King Louie

——- TAURUS (APRIL 20-MAY 20) ——-

Beer Pairing: Hermitage, Russian Export Stout – bold & roasty, with notes of coffee & chocolate

At their favorite spot at the bar alone, expensive headphones on, staring into space, Hermitage may come off as brooding or anti-social, but really they’re just deep thinkers. Really deep. There’s a lot of strength hidden in those depths, however. Hermitage is wise beyond their years, but won’t often let you know it. They are generally pretty quiet, but prove to be stubborn and opinionated as all hell when you finally get them talking. Though reserved, Hermitage is extremely passionate about what they enjoy, which often showcases their creativity and talent in art or music. When traveling, Hermitage likes to be treated like royalty, surrounding themselves with the best that money can buy.

Top Compatibility: Landbier and Saison of the Western Ghats

——- GEMINI (MAY 21-JUNE 21) ——-

Beer Pairing: Robot Crush, American Pilsner – classic crisp lager featuring Citra hops

Extremely adaptable and up for anything, Robot Crush is a light-hearted Bohemian party animal. Full of witty comments and fun ideas, Robot can nonetheless be a serious and successful mediator in times of conflict. Open minded and honest, Robot Crush is extremely easy to like. Their head can be a little dense, but only because of all the deals swirling around up there. Often found talking a mile a minute to a group of rapt listeners, Robot definitely has a way with people–as long as you don’t annoy them and help to bring their spice out! 

Top Compatibility: Hermann Hesseweisen and Carrot Maibock 

——- CANCER (JUNE 22-JULY 22) ——-

Beer Pairing: A Year With Dr. Nandu, American IPA – punchy Pale Ale loaded w/ Centennial, Mosaic & Citra hops

An easy choice for a party invite, A Year With Dr. Nandu likes to live it up. Never the party planner, Nandu is all about a good time with no responsibility. Ambitious and gregarious, Nandu doesn’t have a great filter, which can get them into trouble. It also means that they tell some really good dirty jokes. They may put on a tough guy exterior, but A Year actually really, really, really, cares what people think. A very devoted partner, it’s hard to leave Nandu–and even harder to get away. A Year With Dr. Nandu has a clear image of what they want and isn’t afraid to get into a bitter battle to get it! 

Top Compatibility: Unionator and Hop Hop & Away

——- LEO (JULY 23-AUGUST 22) ——-

Beer Pairing: King Louie, Imperial IPA – Rich, Orange, Citrusy. Big IPA fit for a King!

Though they might seem conceited to others, King Louie is really just being realistic about how talented they are. Life tends to come easy to King Louie, which tends to make them loud and unapologetically honest. After all, they’re probably right. Born leaders with all the charm and grace of the nobility, it’s easy for Louie to make lifelong friends while they laugh and live the high life. King Louie has a wicked strong personality but still manages to get along with everyone in their path. 

Top Compatibility: First Steps on a Sour Planet and Piña Colada IPA


Beer Pairing: Landbier, Pale Lager – German-style “Country Lager” brewed w/ heritage malt and noble hops

Responsible, reliable, and organized, Landbier is undeniably “The Mom Friend.” They know what they want and go for it, usually with a meticulously detailed plan. Landbier is no-nonsense and can be a bit of a traditionalist, but that doesn’t make them boring. Quick learners and highly adaptable, despite their love of plan-making, Landbier is chill and often surprisingly hilarious if you get them in the right mood. They’re generally high-brow and very smooth when talking to people they want to get to know better. 

Top Compatibility: Hermitage and Saison of the Western Ghats


Beer Pairing: Hermann Hesseweizen, Hefeweizen – Bavarian-style Summer refresher. Cloudy and quaffable

As Hermann Hesse once wrote, “The most lively young people become the best old people, not those who pretend to be as wise as grandfathers while they are still in school.” Hermann Hesseweizen certainly embodies this with their fun-loving and carefree attitude towards life. Not above blowing heart-shaped bubble gum bubbles at their crushes, Hermann is flirty and charming and often ends up accidentally breaking hearts. Extremely fair and balanced, though often unpredictable, Hermann Hesseweizen is astoundingly easy to get along with in any situation.

Top Compatibility: Robot Crush and Carrot Maibock


Beer Pairing: Unionator, Dopplebock – Somerville take on a classic strong, dark, German lager

With their dark sense of humor and strong individualistic personality, you either love or hate Unionator. Though usually both practical and logical, this bock can still hold a grudge with the best of them. Not super tolerant of people who they see as rude, they’re actually secretly sweet like caramel and roasty toasty warm. Unionator is a ride-or-die friend and will go out of their way to help you out–whether you think you need help or not. They probably know better than you, anyhow. 

Top Compatibility: Hop Hop & Away and A Year With Dr. Nandu


Beer Pairing: Pina Colada IPA, Fruited IPA – NEIPA with Pineapple puree, coconut and lactose.

Cool, confident, and maybe a little over enthusiastic, everyone is in love with Piña Colada IPA even if they won’t admit it. Though their vivacious impulsivity might make them seem shallow and ditsy at first glance, Piña Colada is a force to be reckoned with. Inventive both at work and at play, your day is never boring with a glass of Piña in your hand. They may seem too cool to care, but Piña Colada is an extremely loyal and caring friend when it comes down to the line. This little firecracker tends to make a splash and always brings all the boys to the yard. 

Top Compatibility: First Steps on a Sour Planet and King Louie


Beer Pairing: Saison of the Western Ghats, Farmhouse Ale – Cardamom infused farmhouse ale. Light and fragrant.

Hard working and reliable, Saison of the Western Ghats is sometimes a bit much to handle, but their execution is always flawless. If anybody else acted this way it wouldn’t work, but somehow Saison pulls it off. Big opinions, big beliefs. They’re stable and a bit of a practical pig, but still have a punch of exotic spiciness that keeps them from being too square. If you get them to pop the cork on their bottled emotions, you’ll find them quite bubbly and often surprisingly easy to love. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that Saison of the Western Ghats always, and I mean always, manages to smell amazing.

Top Compatibility: Hermitage and Landbier


Beer Pairing: Carrot Maibock, Maibock – Malty German Lager brewed with 100% carrot juice!

Everyone kinda thinks Carrot Maibock is weird at first, but soon find they’re actually chill and sweet once they get to know them. Carrot is pretty unconventional, and is completely comfortable straying from the norm and forging their own path forward. They’re quite friendly, but assign extremely high value to their privacy, preferring to keep the root of their emotions underground. Innovative and eccentric, they can take a little getting used to. Once you’re familiar with them they’re known to inspire extreme devotion and loyalty in their close-knit group of friends. Given their tendency to think outside the box Carrot Maibock has uncannily accurate foresight and gives great advice. 

Top Compatibility: Robot Crush and Hermann Hesseweizen 


Beer Pairing: Hop Hop & Away!, Session IPA – light and hazy, packed with hop juiciness

Young, ambitious, and (due to people-pleasing tendencies) a little tame. Hop Hop & Away wants to hang out and is down for anything, but when the going gets tough, Hop Hop avoids taking a stand for fear of controversy. They’re a good wingman, a loyal friend, and contribute positive vibes overall. Generally very sensitive and emotional, Hop Hop’s bark is much worse than their bite. If you find yourself lonely, you don’t mind having them around. 

Top Compatibility: A Year With Dr. Nandu and Unionator 

Maggie Mullard and Nina Garcia are beertenders (+ resident Queens of Astrology) at Aeronaut. The views and opinions expressed on this web site are solely those of the original author, and they do not necessarily represent those of Aeronaut Brewing Co.